the 4 of them

Nirechi Chihuahua is a small breeding kennel located in Brisbane. We specialise in purebred Chihuahuas, short and long coat. Our Chihuahuas are born and raised in a caring, loving, clean environment surrounded by a very loving family. All of our Chihuahuas originate from full champion lineage. Our focus is to breed an anatomically sound dog with excellent health and exceptional temperament, socially and mentally, so they become outstanding adults. Quality is our passion. They make great forever friends


Nirechi Chihuahua is an Orivet  Authorised Collection Agent.  If your needing any testing done please use the contact page.

Orivet Accredited Collection Agents are available to assist breeders who require independent collection of their samples to meet an Approved Collection – Independent Collection and Positive ID. Our Accredited Collection Agents are approved on an annual basis and fully trained in Orivet’s processes and procedures for genetic testing. All are happy to assist and offer advice on what type of testing may suit your breed. Please Note: All Collection Agents assist on a voluntary basis and try to make time to accomodate all requests.  

DNA Profiling & Parentage

Also referred to as a DNA Fingerprint or Unique Identity Profile a DNA Profile is unique for your animal and is used to verify the animal and also to determine parentage. The Orivet DNA Profile uses single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to generate their DNA Profiles. A DNA Profile allows you to verify any mating, an external stud service, ensure correct semen insemination and confirm any dual sire litters. 


Tea Cup Chihuahua myth

If you are seeking a ‘Tea-Cup Chihuahua’, search no longer, this creature does not exist!

Chihuahua puppies are of course very small, but they  will  grow…    

Most photos of ‘Tea-Cup Chihuahuas’ are of very young pups that will fit into a tea cup. They will not stay this size.  They will grow…

The best way to tell the potential size of a pup is to view the parents.