Radar the Stud

Nirechi Chihuahua’s very own Radar is available now for stud mating. Radar is looking for love. Radar is a full pedigree Chihuahua with a very long lineage.  He has a friendly and charming personality.



Nirechi Chihuahua’s Holden is beautiful boy with a creamy white coat. All though, he has full blue lineage. Simply stunning. He is also available for Studding.

stela 2

Stella the Star

Stella is the star of Nirechi Chihuahua. She has a beautiful chocolate smooth coat. Stella is a protective and caring mum, which has been displayed in her past babies. Stella has now retired and enjoying it a lot.


Ivory is one of the latest edition to our breeding program. Breeding from 2018. She comes from a line of chocolates and blue fawns. But she is pure white like snow. She has the sweetest nature. She is a tiny girl.

Nirechi California

Nirechi Cali is the latest addition to our breeding program. She is a solid black long hair chihuahua. She has a gentle nature with a wild side. She’s not afraid of anything and loves everyone and everything. She has the silkiest long black hair, its super soft.